Peace is

Global Fairness by Limitism


social-ecological Broadband Capitalism

- multi-issue-vote-system to broaden Democracy

- limits for too much open upper and lower bounds is about to answer the question what Broadband Capitalism really is or should be alike and what it is certainly not. To be continued ....

Co-authors are welcomed !

`Blue MarbleŽ (NASA) - The Venue of Limitism

At least, everything material in the world has its limits !

Law, institutions and reasonable moral should be based to a great extent on material facts - not on spiritual grounds. Freedom and property rights must be a basic pattern of a democratic society, but cannot be let without limits within the bounds of commensurability, societal rationality and global fairness. Such limitistic principle is not only a postulate. It`s a presumption that should be backed up empirically, as well as theoretically. Limitism is eager to evidence and spread out such thinking to transform current capitalism to global broadband capitalism.

by T. S. [Homo globalensis]


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